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LamLab website is finally launched!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chi Keung Lam, currently still at Stanford University. I LIKE to go by "Lam" as it is easier to pronounce. I am coming to the University of Delaware as an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. While I am really excited to start my own lab in the beautiful state of Delaware, it is a challenging time to be in an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

I wish I can provide more solid information on my lab, such as the location, the available equipments.. etc. I will update the website once I get more clarity with the situation. In the meantime, I wish to let you all know that I am excited to come to the Blue Hen state, AND I AM LOOKING FOR YOU TO JOIN THE LAB! For more info, please check out the opening page. It will be fun! Trust me! It is always fun to watch beating cells (check out the videos)! It is also fulfilling that we are contributing to finding cures in heart diseases!

Stay safe and be happy!

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