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Position openings

We are looking for motivated, passionate and talented people to join our team! Please contact Lam if you are interested at the following openings!


Post-Doctoral Fellow​ (full-time)

Job Description

      Design and perform experiments to address clinically-relevant issues

      Analyze and interpret findings appropriately and unbiasedly 

      Manage animals and/or cell cultures

      Look for collaboration and assemble team to tackle experimental questions

      Communicate effectively with lab members and collaborators 


      Ph.D. or equivalent in biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular genetics or related scientific field

Preferred Qualifications

      Previous experience in cardiac study

      Skills in molecular biology and imaging

Interested applicants should email your CV and contact info for three references to Lam (

Research Assistant (full-time)

Job Description

      Manage lab supplies and handle purchasing

      Communicate effectively with lab members and collaborators 

      Help with administrative works and literature search

      Manage animals and cell cultures if necessary

Preferred Qualifications

      Previous experience as research assistant

      At least 1 full year of research experience

      Good writing skills

      Responsible and responsive

Interested applicants should email your CV and contact info for two references to Lam (

Graduate Student (full-time)

Job Description

      Work closely with PI in designing experiments

      Learn to perform experiments and gain independency on the bench quickly

      Manage animals and/or cell cultures 

      Work close with PI for pre-doctoral funding opportunity

We are currently accepting rotation students who are interested in pursuing cardiac research during their graduate study. Interested graduate students should email Lam (

Undergraduate Researcher (volunteer, part-time eligible)

Job Description

      Assist in data collection and analysis

      Work closely with PI and mentors in the lab

Current UD undergraduate students who are motivated and interested at pursuing biomedical research should email Lam ( to enquire for availability.

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